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Senshukai - Futon - SakuraSenshukai - Futon

I worked with a Japanese mail-order company last summer and the product is finally on sale. It’s perfect for a snooze as the weather is getting milder in the Northern hemisphere, but the best thing about this blanket is that you can fold it into a cushion during winter or just when it’s not used. What a good idea! It’s available at BELLE MAISON online shop if you live in Japan.

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  1. oh my gosh hitomi san! these are just gorgeous! :) i love the design and love, love the colors! so perfect! waaah, wish they were available in the U.S. let us know if they ever will be! :)

    congratulations! GREAT job!

    • Thank you Shannon! I wish they sold the blanket in the U.S., too…! I will definitely let you know when any sort of my design is available in the States :)

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