EPSON 2022 Autumn/Winter Design Papers

Last year, I provided Epson with a few pattern designs for their 2022 Autumn/Winter design paper collection. The theme is Biodiversity Conservation as Epson “is working to conserve forests with the aim of enriching communication through sustainable ‘paper’ “.

deer, rabbits and squirrels playing in the forest

a number of birds are flying over the forest

a number of birds are on the branches of trees in the forest

After a couple of redos, those three patterns above got finally accepted. And what interested me was that they’d decided to use my earliest designs, which are almost rough sketches…!
It made me think; maybe I’m trying to make it perfect for myself. People might like some of my designs that are not perfectly crafted. Sometimes they like the roughness and freeness in rough sketches that probably lead to vibrancy. Well, I got another precious opportunity to see my designs objectively.