Toy Loom

Toy Loom Orihime
This is a toy loom I got last year, original version of this loom is made in the UK and it was called “Masterweaver”. It has a very clever system and you can weave a lot of patterns on it easily as the roller in the middle works as shafts.

Toy Loom OrihimeToy Loom OrihimeToy Loom OrihimeToy Loom Orihime


  1. 気が付いたらずいぶん上達しちゃって…私のことなんかおいこしてるわ。

    1. 上達とかじゃなくて!笑

  2. oh wow! thanks for the pictures hitomi san! that looks like so much fun! so neat how you put different colors and textures together. :)

    1. Thank you, Shannon! It always turns out quite differently to what I expected before making but maybe that’s the best bit ;)

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    9. Love the umbrella and of course your lovely Laura Phillips maxi. Here in South Florida we are in desperate need for rain is almost 90degrees every day and my air conditioning has being running non-stop.

    10. Wow! This looks amazing! If I could, I would buy it right away! I also think I prefer the long vest without a top underneath. Or maybe you can try something really sheer.Happy thanksgiving..

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  4. Hi,

    I am so happy to ready your posts. I have been looking this toy loom on internet, but could not find it. can you tell me where you found/bought? thank you so much!!

    1. Hello Irene,

      Thank you for reaching my blog post and I hope you enjoy it :)

      As for the toy loom, I’m sure it’s been discontinued for a long time now, I bought mine from Japanese Yahoo auction.
      I think we regularly find this kind of loom (made in Japan in 1980’s under English patent) on the auction site, the condition might vary though.

      Have you tried an auction like Yahoo or Bidders in your country?

  5. Hi,
    Wow! Those are beautiful photos and the pattern made by the machine is really interesting ^_^.
    I’ ve been looking around internet for this kind of loom with that roller, cause today I found one of this toys in the junk room, but with no instructions manual.
    Can I ask for yours? I would be so grateful for a photo or a scan, if it’s so long only the roller part. Please, please, please! :3
    Thank you!

    A galician girl

    1. Hi glenda,

      Thanks for your comment and I think it’s a great idea!

      To be honest, I’m not a weave expert so I don’t know how precise my translations (Japanese –> English) could be but I’ll try to publish it around/by the beggining of June. How does it sound to you?


    1. Hi Luis,
      Thanks for your comment. I occasionally find one of these toy looms on the Japanese Yahoo Auction site, which is the most popular ebay-like marketplace in Japan. Because its production is discontinued so many years ago, I think you should constantly look for it in second-hand market in your country.

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