Studio Visit: Screenprinter PataPri

I visited my friend and textile/printing artist “PataPri”. Her studio is by the sea in Akiya, Yokosuka, Japan, and you could get all the great ocean view from the room she works at.

I regretted that I didn’t take more pictures but her mid-century modern inspired interior decoration and the collection of fabulous handmade items from all over the world entertain me every time I visit her.

And since it was during the annual Hayama Art Festival, which PataPri takes part in, I and my another friend, enjoyed the open studio and printing workshop.

PataPri商品 テキスタイル雑貨

Popular PataPri Products

PataPri プリント

Printing process started


Squeeze the ink through the screen onto base fabric



Dry with heat and printing done!


PataPri’s hand made cheese cake! (not for sale)

Thanks for the warm welcome and wonderful time, Yuko san!


Pattern Design File: MARI

MARI in Indigo x Ocean Blue

Indigo x Ocean Blue


MARI in Orange x Custard

Orange x Custard


This MARI design was inspired by a shell but it also looks like a traditional Japanese ball TE-MARI so I named the pattern after it.

Type: Surface pattern design
Design: MARI
Technique: Paper cutting to design then hand screen printed at a mill in Kyoto, Japan
Materials: Linen-cotton blend

How to Make Inexpensive Weaving Spare Shuttles with Wire

Various types of shuttles for hand weaving

When you weave using many colour yarns, you might want to prepare as many shuttles as your yarns. But shuttles are not very cheap. Then I found an easy way to make spare ones with aluminum wire. The type of aluminum wire I used is 2mm diameter and it is very easy to change its shape. I only used a pair of pliers/nippers to cut the wire and I could bend it easily with hand.

Materials for making a wire shuttle

All you need is aluminum wire, a pair of nippers and masking tape.

Making aluminum wireAluminum wire shuttles for weaving

I hope it helps for some people :)

How to Make Yarn Wrappings for Woven Fabric Designing

Various yarn wrappings

When I weave or knit, the first thing I do is to make yarn wrappings. Because I love this process I usually forget about time and just keep making many of these.

Yarn wrapping is a piece of card with threads wound around. It helps play with different colours and proportions when you design multi-coloured warp or weft. It also works for creating multi-colour stripes on knit fabric. Making this card wind saves you your precious materials and time.

card winds for designing warp and weft

Finished yarn wrappings

Basic method of making this yarn wrapping is obviously easy – you place a strip of double-sided tape along the back of a piece of card which is about 4cm (1.5″) wide.
But I found it tricky when I use an oiled yarn. Because of the grease on the thread, it doesn’t stick to the tape well. So instead, I’ve tried it in my own way and furthermore, you don’t need the double-sided tape (it might be too easy to explain… but I do anyway).

By the way, I wind every thread of yarns I have on a wooden chopstick. So that it’s easier to try as many as yarns on a small table rather than taking out large cones of yarn off the shelf each time I want to try a new yarns. And I like to place those sticks in order and spread them around like I do with coloured pencils.

Colourful yarn chopsticks in order

Yarn chopsticks in order

Yarns wound on chopsticks

Yarns wound on chopsticks

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