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The other day, I got a roll of bleached cotton cloth so decided to make some tea towels with it. I sewed the b … Read more

New home textiles

New home textile products are now on sale from Belle Maison. I designed “animal themed” patterns f … Read more

Textiles Craft Show

http://textilefabrics.jp/ I’ll participate in a textiles craft show in Machida, Tokyo this weekend. I&#8 … Read more

New iPhone 5 Cases

Photos by LAB. C for +D Project New cases for iPhone 5 are now on sale and they are available from selected re … Read more

Old Wool Winder

I’d been looking for a wool winder and have finally found one I really like. It’s an old/used Silv … Read more


This is a new pattern design named “DOTS RIVER” which is consisted of many hand-drawn dots.

Toy Loom

This is a toy loom I got last year, original version of this loom is made in the UK and it was called “M … Read more

Playing with My Toy

This is a sample fabric woven by me with a toy loom. Not too bad for my very first weaving project? :)

Playing With Yarn

This wrap of yarn is for my first weaving project – on a toy loom :)

iPhone Cases

Around the end of last year, I received those iPhone cases carrying my pattern designs. I am very happy with t … Read more

Back in Class

I was so happy when I received these images. A graphic design student from America kindly sent me this work, d … Read more

Lemon And Ash

I started colouring the circle pattern but don’t really like the colourway… Cutting out and gettin … Read more

Journey And The View

Creating = Experimenting = Sampling = Designing “The journey is the reward.” Happy experimenting!

Rich in Colour

I’ve been experimenting colourways and it’s always one of the best parts of having this job.

Attractive Infinity

  I’ve been fascinated by beautiful checks/plaids recently, and tried designing one myself. I liked the … Read more

Looking for Mr. Red

These pictures are from when I was looking for the right “Red” for one of my customers. But I have been so laz … Read more