Block Printing and New Pattern Design

I've been designing new patterns for my shop on Spoonflower and I'm trying a new approach to create patterns - it's making rubber stamps. It's a very analogue …

New cards with patterns

I love MOO. The printing company offers excellent service and their “Printfinity” technology gives me pleasure to make things.

New iPhone 5 Cases

Photos by LAB. C for +D Project New cases for iPhone 5 are now on sale and they are available from selected retailers.


This is a new pattern design named “DOTS RIVER” which is consisted of many hand-drawn dots.

New Products Now on Sale

I worked with a Japanese mail-order company last summer and the product is finally on sale. It's perfect for a snooze as the weather is getting milder in the Northern hemisph…

iPhone Cases

Around the end of last year, I received those iPhone cases carrying my pattern designs. I am very happy with the way they turned out and love those little extras – each set consis…


I am delighted to announce that now "Volksfaden" stocks kalla's fabric! The Mari fabric available on this popular on-line fabric store was printed in Indea on 100% …