Block Printing and New Pattern Design

pattern design

I’ve been designing new patterns for my shop on Spoonflower and I’m trying a new approach to create patterns – it’s making rubber stamps. It’s a very analogue way to experiment (maybe most of design experiments are pretty analogue?) but works well for me. I just can’t stop experimenting until I realise I need to finish a design or two and make them print-ready. It’s fun and effective to simply repeat basic shapes, and depending on the combination of motifs and repeating type, possibilities are infinite. I like the look of it, it’s simple, nostalgic and rich in texture. So my journey of block printing design seems to continue :)

making of rubber stamps
Drawing for rubber stamps


rubber stamps
Preparing for making rubber stamps


Carved Rubber Stamp
Carved rubber stamp


block printing
Stamping for scanning and digital manipulation


My working desktop


pattern design
A new pattern design “Globe Amaranth 4”, made from rubber stamps



New Products Now on Sale

Senshukai - Futon - SakuraSenshukai - Futon

I worked with a Japanese mail-order company last summer and the product is finally on sale. It’s perfect for a snooze as the weather is getting milder in the Northern hemisphere, but the best thing about this blanket is that you can fold it into a cushion during winter or just when it’s not used. What a good idea! It’s available at BELLE MAISON online shop if you live in Japan.

iPhone Cases

Around the end of last year, I received those iPhone cases carrying my pattern designs. I am very happy with the way they turned out and love those little extras – each set consists of coordinated buttons, protective film, designers introduction brochure and multi-purpose tray.

They were made as part of LAB.C’s +D Project led by rapidly growing Korean design company Plus X. There are many other great designs available here (in Korean) by talented artists from around the world.

Kalla iPhone CasesKalla iPhone CasesiPhone Case BrochureMulti-Purpose ContainerMulti-Purpose Container in Use


I am delighted to announce that now “Volksfaden” stocks kalla’s fabric!

The Mari fabric available on this popular on-line fabric store was printed in Indea on 100% organic cotton poplin, using herbal dyes. And it comes with the standard width of 140cm/53″!
As my hand printed fabrics are 50cm/20″ wide max., this difference makes it possible for many crafters to go for bigger projects :)

Also, Volksfaden sells a range of beautiful fabrics around the world and they will be shipped from Berlin, Germany.

Thank you, Linda! (The owner of Velksfaden)