Designing with Numbers


I’m not a weaver. But I always admire weavers for their intricate job and creativity to produce such beautiful fabrics with tight restrictions compared to printed textiles.

And I purchased this book “Designing Woven Fabrics” by Janet Phillips from UK last month. The book is full of colour pictures of gorgeous fabrics which were designed and hand woven by the author.

The most interesting part for me so far (maybe because I cannot weave) is in the section “Design Criteria” and on “Designing Stripes and Checks”. I found the author uses Fibonacci number sequence when designing stripes and checks! Does every designer use this as one of those golden rules? I didn’t know how you could apply this mathematical formula to designing because I didn’t take official design course? Anyway, this small discovery made me happy because I don’t want to trust my sense all the time. Now I have another guide to follow :)




  1. Angie より:

    When I did machine knitting we used the fibonacci sequence for designing stripes. I found it fascinating.

  2. Hitomi Kimura より:

    Angie, you knew it…! Now I really want to apply it to my work :)

  3. Angie より:

    Can't wait to see how you use it.

  4. PixelJAM より:

    :-) Did machine knitting ánd a little handweaving, but never heard of this way of making stripes.

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