Something in Common

After the owner of Etsy shop Vitamini sent me a note to say hi, as a fellow screenprinter, I was delighted to browse her lovely shop!
(As some of you might know, I drive the old classic Mini, too)



You can find the lovely Mini Coopers on a variety of items!
In such a stylish way!
Also, check her fantastic blog (with all the nice retro stuff, too) here.
Thank you Casey for sharing your talent and love for MINI!! :)


  1. that's right! I remember your post about driving the original mini – I LOVE THAT CAR!!!!! I wish I could get one too but it's too dangerous for San Francisco :P The etsy shop looks so fun!!

  2. I know, the classic Mini Cooper is so cute but you have to be brave enough to drive it in the city because it might suddenly stop in the middle of a busy junction…!

  3. Casey says:

    Thanks so much for the feature, Hitomi! :)
    I agree – driving a stick shift in San Francisco is scary! Way too many steep hills!

  4. My Mini is actually automatic but it stalled several times for no reason (apparently)!!
    But then again, it all makes the car look so cute :)

  5. Maki says:

    mini is my dreaming car, but I am still hanging on my old bunnger micra (日産マーチ) nearly 15 years. I think she is going to be packed in next MOT :(

    at least I can dream on. xm

  6. Maki san,
    I was driving the old Micra when I was a learner in England! :) So many good (& embarrassing) memories with the car!! You must have an affection for it especially after spending such a long time (15 years!) with her :)