Something in Common

After the owner of Etsy shop Vitamini sent me a note to say hi, as a fellow screenprinter, I was delighted to browse her lovely shop!
(As some of you might know, I drive the old classic Mini, too)



You can find the lovely Mini Coopers on a variety of items!
In such a stylish way!
Also, check her fantastic blog (with all the nice retro stuff, too) here.
Thank you Casey for sharing your talent and love for MINI!! :)


  1. I know, the classic Mini Cooper is so cute but you have to be brave enough to drive it in the city because it might suddenly stop in the middle of a busy junction…!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature, Hitomi! :)
    I agree – driving a stick shift in San Francisco is scary! Way too many steep hills!

  3. mini is my dreaming car, but I am still hanging on my old bunnger micra (日産マーチ) nearly 15 years. I think she is going to be packed in next MOT :(

    at least I can dream on. xm

  4. Maki san,
    I was driving the old Micra when I was a learner in England! :) So many good (& embarrassing) memories with the car!! You must have an affection for it especially after spending such a long time (15 years!) with her :)

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