Studio Visit: Screenprinter PataPri

I visited my friend and textile/printing artist "PataPri". Her studio is by the sea in Akiya, Yokosuka, Japan, and you could get all the great ocean view from the room s…

Looking for Mr. Red

These pictures are from when I was looking for the right “Red” for one of my customers. But I have been so lazy recently, if I'm allowed to make any excuse, because it's…

Something in Common

After the owner of Etsy shop Vitamini sent me a note to say hi, as a fellow screenprinter, I was delighted to browse her lovely shop! (As some of you might know, I drive the old c…

Which One Is Your Colour?

I finally listed the new Frog cushion covers on Etsy. And this time I added the colour samples on the listings for custom order, because I thought it might be easier for people to…

Do You Like Frogs?

New design "Frog" has been done and I'll make some cushion covers out of those fabrics tomorrow. Each frog was cut out by hand so they are all unique! I just hope t…

New Dark Room (or just a box)

It's been a while since I've refurbished my studio and there's still a lot more to be done! Today, I made a small new "dark/drying room" using a shelf. It…

New Range of Fabrics

I have listed some new fabrics on my Etsy shop today. Those are light/quilting weight fabrics and I have printed 15 colours the other day. The colours are from my normal colour pa…

One Of My Happiest Moment

When I have a lot of remnants, I sort them out by colours and make some remnant packs for sale. I always enjoy thinking about combinations of colours :)

Colours on Canvas

I have recently started using new base fabric to print on. It is heavy weight cotton canvas and I love the texture!

Work In Progress

These are some "making-of" at different stages of preparation for printing new tea towels. The last photo shows sketches for more of new designs.

Love for Colour

I've been working on new silkscreen prints on fabric. They are quite small as A4 size it's easier to experiment colour schemes. Now available on my Etsy shop.

Cobalt Blue

I got a new acrylic colour which is astonishingly beautiful...! I can be easily pleased by this sort of small things :)

Another Set of Studio Pics

I have installed a dryer (originally for drying clothes though) to dry emulsion on the screen more quickly and efficiently. Hope it works...!

My Studio Pics

As I did some photo shooting the other day, I'll share some of them here.

The Process

Exposing the screen. Watch out for the UV light. Not really good for your eyes. Developed screens for the two-colour pattern. Printing the first colour... a bit worried! After pri…