Studio Visit: Screenprinter PataPri

I visited my friend and textile/printing artist “PataPri”. Her studio is by the sea in Akiya, Yokosuka, Japan, and you could get all the great ocean view from the room she works at.

I regretted that I didn’t take more pictures but her mid-century modern inspired interior decoration and the collection of fabulous handmade items from all over the world entertain me every time I visit her.

And since it was during the annual Hayama Art Festival, which PataPri takes part in, I and my another friend, enjoyed the open studio and printing workshop.

PataPri商品 テキスタイル雑貨
Popular PataPri Products

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New Publication for Crafters

The Crafter's Guide to Patterns

Earlier this year, I received a copy of this book “The Crafter’s Guide to Patterns”. It’s written by Jessica Swift, a talented artist and pattern designer from Portland, Oregon USA.

I’m truly honored to be a part of this amazing DIY book and actually I could learn tremendously from the wide variety of ways to approach when designing patterns. It’s just full of interesting ideas and basic methods you could apply from today.

Although I’m sort of shifting towards knitting and have not been designing a lot of surface patterns recently, this book makes me want to work on it again.

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Something in Common

After the owner of Etsy shop Vitamini sent me a note to say hi, as a fellow screenprinter, I was delighted to browse her lovely shop!
(As some of you might know, I drive the old classic Mini, too)



You can find the lovely Mini Coopers on a variety of items!
In such a stylish way!
Also, check her fantastic blog (with all the nice retro stuff, too) here.
Thank you Casey for sharing your talent and love for MINI!! :)

Riding The Wave Of Colours And Texture

About a month ago I bought this card from Modern Optic on Etsy. I’m in love with the texture of the paper and the surface of letterpress printing… so lovely. The colours are gorgeous too, it makes me feel I want to keep it for myself!

Anyway, this post is the first one this year, and here’s my belated greetings – I wish you all a happy and creative new year and thank you so much for reading/following my blog! Will be back more often!! :)

A Perfect Match

© Elizabeth Tritsch / Photos by Marianne Wille

I was so excited when I received those pictures of cushions with my Mari fabrics!
One of my customers Elizabeth, is a talented crafter and you can see how creative she is to integrate my design into her lovely cushion covers.
I really hope that she would start selling her creations on Etsy or anywhere else :)

The photographs were taken by Marianne, a friend of Elizabeth and she sells her beautiful felt works here!

Kate Schutz The Talented Painter & Illustrator

One of my customers Kate Schutz showed me these pictures of her renovated bedroom on her blog.

The gifted artist (you can see some of her paintings on the wall) ordered some cushion covers and fabric from me to suit the new headboard and wall paint. And you can see it all went perfect :)

What she’s done with her room is very inspiring to me and I’m very pleased to have become a part of her refurbishing project!

Please visit her blog and website to find out more about her work.

I’m in Love

The other day I found those exquisite pieces of jewellery, made by a Japanese jewellery designer Keiko Okamoto.

I just LOVE the colours, delicate lines and sophisticated use of materials.

Her label is called “knap” and you can find her cute shop on Etsy here.