Rubber Stamps and Floral Design

I’ve designed two floral patterns using the rubber stamping technique. It was just another experiment, but I made some little envelopes with those designs, and it was fun.

sketching rough ideas for rubber stamp floral design
Coming up with some ideas and sketching
experimenting various colourways
Tried some different colourways
floral design for block printing
Stamped to make a seamless pattern
rubber stamp floral design
Another floral design stamped
experimenting different colourways on sketchbook

I used Tsukineko MEMENTO Due Drop dye ink to enjoy the transparent effect and mixture of colouus.

stamping and printing

I picked up a colourway and stamped on an envelope shape.

cutting out printed paper
The envelope was cut out
paper cutout for little envelope
Two more cutouts
little envelope for New Year's
And it’s done!

Those little envelopes are for a Japanese New Year’s custom. Japanese children receive some money from their relatives at New Year’s and it’s called “otoshidama” or “New Year’s gift money”. What a wonderful world for children! (I’ve been there)

After a while, I decided to create a digital pattern from this design, and here’s the result. Because those designs weren’t made to be scanned into PC, the outline of the each background block is obvious. But I think it’s acceptable or even it can look nice as a character of block printing. You can see the design on my Spoonflower shop.

printed design was scanned into PC and digitally edited