Embroidered Covered Buttons

It's been a while since I started embroidery and here are some pictures of work in progress and finished work. Cross s...

How to Make Yarn Wrappings for Woven Fabric Designing

When I weave or knit, the first thing I do is to make yarn wrappings. Because I love this process I usually forget about...

Sample Weave: Plain Weave Checks

Here's my sample weaving project with rigid heddle loom. I tried to do things systematically and first thing I did was s...

Go into details

The other day, I got a roll of bleached cotton cloth so decided to make some tea towels with it. I sewed the both ends w...

Colourway experiment and yarn wrap

I've been looking for nice colourways and thought, I could spend a whole day doing this. And I also tried knitting usin...

New yarn and new colour

Last week I received a box full of colourful yarn to be added to my colour palette and for my experiment of new colourwa...

Colourway Sample


Playing With Yarn

This wrap of yarn is for my first weaving project - on a toy loom :)

Pink, Purple x Green


Like Woven With Colour Paper

I made the below colour mixture using those five colours. I put the sheet on the wall and stood at a distance. Then I...

Colour Like Warp And Weft

Another colour combination sample.

Lemon And Ash

I started colouring the circle pattern but don't really like the colourway... Cutting out and getting rid of the co...