Embroidered Covered Buttons

embroidery 刺繍

embroidery 刺繍

It’s been a while since I started embroidery and here are some pictures of work in progress and finished work.

embroidery 刺繍

Cross stitching is fun and making patterns with the technique has a lot more restriction than making print pattern but I enjoy it. The best part is to choose a colour combination of course!

 embroidery 刺繍

This stitch of a flower is inspired by the drawing on the left. 

Embroidery 刺しゅう

Some samplers. Just keep practising :)

Embroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン

This button above is made from the quick sketch below. I picked the colours and made it into a simple pattern. 

Sketch スケッチEmbroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン

This one is from a sampler. I like the black. 

Embroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン

This is an Experiment of “multi-colour stripes within a pattern”. 

Embroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン   

I like the chunky feel of threads and all the different colours. 

Pin cushion ピンクッション

This is a handmade pin cushion made of lambswool woven sampler I wove years ago and a tin can of French chocolate. If you make a pincushion like this, I heard it’s better to make it with 100% wool because it controls the moisture and prevents needles from getting rusty.  

How to Make Yarn Wrappings for Woven Fabric Designing

Various yarn wrappings

When I weave or knit, the first thing I do is to make yarn wrappings. Because I love this process I usually forget about time and just keep making many of these.

Yarn wrapping is a piece of card with threads wound around. It helps play with different colours and proportions when you design multi-coloured warp or weft. It also works for creating multi-colour stripes on knit fabric. Making this card wind saves you your precious materials and time.

card winds for designing warp and weft
Finished yarn wrappings

Basic method of making this yarn wrapping is obviously easy – you place a strip of double-sided tape along the back of a piece of card which is about 4cm (1.5″) wide.
But I found it tricky when I use an oiled yarn. Because of the grease on the thread, it doesn’t stick to the tape well. So instead, I’ve tried it in my own way and furthermore, you don’t need the double-sided tape (it might be too easy to explain… but I do anyway).

By the way, I wind every thread of yarns I have on a wooden chopstick. So that it’s easier to try as many as yarns on a small table rather than taking out large cones of yarn off the shelf each time I want to try a new yarns. And I like to place those sticks in order and spread them around like I do with coloured pencils.

Colourful yarn chopsticks in order
Yarn chopsticks in order

Yarns wound on chopsticks
Yarns wound on chopsticks

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Sample Weave: Plain Weave Checks

Woven sample

Here’s my sample weaving project with rigid heddle loom. I tried to do things systematically and first thing I did was selecting yarns and made several yarn wrappings to find colourways I like. Then I warped the loom with one stripe design and started weaving with seven deferent weft stripe designs.


From top left: 50% cotton 50% polyester Luminous Pink, 100% lambs wool Persimmon Orange, Tender Shoot Green, Ocean Wave Blue, Hyacinth Violet, From top right: 100% lambs wool Vanilla Ice White, Moon Struck Grey, Gardem Glade Green, Ecru Olive Green, Desert Palm Brown


weaving process on rigid heddle loom

woven fabric close-up

woven fabric on rigid heddle loom

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Go into details

The other day, I got a roll of bleached cotton cloth so decided to make some tea towels with it. I sewed the both ends with decorative stitches and trimmed away the edges. All the edges have different colours and it imparts a cheerful air to the kitchen.

DSC_2720-W600 DSC_2727-W600 DSC_2744-W600 DSC_2750-W600

Colourway experiment and yarn wrap

I’ve been looking for nice colourways and thought, I could spend a whole day doing this.

And I also tried knitting using one of those colour combinations but it ended up a disaster, which will be another story… so for now, please enjoy the colours I picked up and hope you find any combination you like?

DSC_1893-W600 DSC_1906-W600DSC_1902-W600 DSC_1905-W600

New yarn and new colour

Last week I received a box full of colourful yarn to be added to my colour palette and for my experiment of new colourways.

It’s so exciting to have a variety of colours and just looking at it makes me so happy. I love to feel the depth of colour on yarn and the richness that printed fabric cannot always have.

You will probably see my knitted fabric in more vibrant colours soon!

DSC_1880-W600 DSC_1883-W600 DSC_1885-W600 DSC_1891-W600

Lemon And Ash

I started colouring the circle pattern but don’t really like the colourway…

Cutting out and getting rid of the colour I don’t want in it.

Stuck pieces of yellow paper underneath.

I used several different shades of yellow and grey instead.

– and the mess!