Behind The Scenes


Block Printing and New Pattern Design

I've been designing new patterns for my shop on Spoonflower and I'm trying a new approach to create patterns - it's maki...



Looking for Mr. Red

These pictures are from when I was looking for the right “Red” for one of my customers. But I have been so...

Don’t Miss The Idea

These doodles will be my resource for pattern design. What I like about this unique notebook (from MUJI) is that i...

Do You Like Frogs?

New design "Frog" has been done and I'll make some cushion covers out of those fabrics tomorrow. Each frog wa...

One Of My Happiest Moment

When I have a lot of remnants, I sort them out by colours and make some remnant packs for sale. I always enjoy think...

Work In Progress

These are some "making-of" at different stages of preparation for printing new tea towels. The last photo sh...

Beautiful and Quiet Assistant

I have been working on small prints on fabric recently for hanging on the wall and I thought of putting some flower wh...

My Studio Pics

As I did some photo shooting the other day, I'll share some of them here.

Trial and Error

I made a white background for photo shooting of some of my small products. It is made out of cardboard, white paper an...

The Process

Exposing the screen. Watch out for the UV light. Not really good for your eyes. Developed screens for the two-col...

Tedious Part of My Job

I'm not really good at stretching screen on the frame... maybe it just needs years of practice for me... At least my do...