Craft Book: Japanese Hand Embroidery “Totsuka Embroidery”

Craft book of Toshuka Shishu

The other day I bought a book on hand embroidery. The craft book introduces embroidery works of “Tostuka Shishu (embroidery)“, which was established by Kiku Totsuka in 1950s. The technique used in this book is just one style among many other styles. But I really like the retro (reminds me of Scandinavian design) look of it and colour combination. And it shows how effective it is to repeat simple motifs in a simple manner. Although it uses only 6 types of stitches, I’m amazed how endless the possibility is. It’s a good book and it makes me want to make something with my old embroidery threads!

(I had a tiny embroidery project in the past…)

Playing Around With Colour

embroidery threads
Old embroidery threads I’ve been keeping for many years now


Craft book of Toshuka Shishu
Totsuka hand embroidery book (written in Japanese)


Toshuka shishu
Totsuka Shishu works


inside Craft book of Toshuka Shishu


Craft book of Toshuka Shishu



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