Embroidered Covered Buttons

May 20, 2018

embroidery 刺繍

It’s been a while since I started embroidery and here are some pictures of work in progress and finished work.

embroidery 刺繍

Cross stitching is fun and making patterns with the technique has a lot more restriction than making print pattern but I enjoy it. The best part is to choose a colour combination of course!

 embroidery 刺繍

This stitch of a flower is inspired by the drawing on the left. 

Embroidery 刺しゅう

Some samplers. Just keep practising :)

Embroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン

This button above is made from the quick sketch below. I picked the colours and made it into a simple pattern. 

Sketch スケッチEmbroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン

This one is from a sampler. I like the black. 

Embroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン

This is an Experiment of “multi-colour stripes within a pattern”. 

Embroidered button 刺繍のくるみボタン   

I like the chunky feel of threads and all the different colours. 

Pin cushion ピンクッション

This is a handmade pin cushion made of lambswool woven sampler I wove years ago and a tin can of French chocolate. If you make a pincushion like this, I heard it’s better to make it with 100% wool because it controls the moisture and prevents needles from getting rusty.