1. Wow Hitomi, What a fantastic collage I am really looking forward to seeing what designs you develop from it! I love your site, its so inspirational. Arigato Hitomi-san too for featuring my brooches. Lynn Kimba-Openshaw

  2. Hi Hitomi,
    I do indeed! Most of my works are "unfished symphonies" as my art teacher used to call them. I am having fun at the moment drawing the shadows of fading flowers. Really interesting patterns emerge.
    BTW I sent an image of your mini to my friend who is a vintage mini aficionado and regularly competes in the London to Brighton mini run. He was most impressed.

    Have a great week!


  3. Oh, I miss the old MINIs in London! They were everywhere!! I also ran into the London – Brighton run when I headed for Brighton, so I might have been competing with your friend then ;)

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