Cats Drawing

I tried to draw a lots of cats with only my memories. It's an experimental drawing, trying different styles, medium and surfaces, etc. It was fun but frustrating at the same …

This is what’s in my head

I almost always carry this little note pad with me and I write down ideas, thoughts, doodles, quotes, to-dos, shopping list, anything that come up to my mind. I even take it when …

Experiment for Surface Pattern Design

この記事を日本語で読む I've experimented with new pattern designs. My desk is pretty messy as always, but this means I'm enjoying the creative process and entirely focused ;) I lik…

Exploring In The Woods

These are my mood sheet and drawings based on the theme "Wonderland"! I didn't really know where I was going though, but enjoyed working on it at least. Hopefully t…

Cans of Inks

Collage Oil pastel, magazine cutout, coffee filter and charcoal pencil


From "Body" experiment series. Used watercolour and ink.

London Street

Collage based on a photo taken in London. I used pencil, pen, photocopy and oil pastel.

Dancing Colours

An experiment I did before. 1. Dropped some ink on the paper. 2. Held the edges of the sheet and made the ink run on the paper. 3. Put slips of tracing paper on top.