Cats Drawing

drawing of cats on sketchbook

I tried to draw a lots of cats with only my memories. It’s an experimental drawing, trying different styles, medium and surfaces, etc. It was fun but frustrating at the same time because I found I didn’t remember details of a cat face and body structure (even though I have two cats). Then I coloured them randomly. I don’t know if I like them but at least I’m drawing something, it makes me feel better. I’ll do more with real model cats next time. 

cat drawing on sketchbook

drawing of cats on sketchbook

drawing cats on wooden boarddrawing cats on sketchbook

This is what’s in my head

I almost always carry this little note pad with me and I write down ideas, thoughts, doodles, quotes, to-dos, shopping list, anything that come up to my mind. I even take it when I have a bath. And it’s so nice to finish one note pad and feel the tired-look then go out to get another new one.