Holbein Watercolour Palette and Match Watercolours

Recently I bought a new watercolour palette. I’ve been using the black Holbein colour palette for quite a while but found this new blue one so decided to try it.

It is made of aluminium so feels very light compared to the old version which is steel made and sturdy. The finish is not as good as the old pricey one but it’s quite cheap so I don’t really mind.

I chose the palette with only thirteen wells this time because I wanted to use my Match Basic Watercolours and the set has thirteen colours. The colours are renowned for their fine pigment yet very reasonable. It is produced in Japan and they have a website in English. I’m not sure if it’s also available outside Japan but I think both the quality and the price should be very appealing to many artists abroad too.

holbein watercolor palette ホルベイン カラー水彩パレット
The middle one is my new watercolour palette
holbein watercolor palette ホルベイン カラー水彩パレット
Old one on the left and the new one right
match basic watercolors マッチ 透明水彩絵具
Putting Match colours in the wells of the new palette
match basic watercolors mixing chart マッチ 透明水彩絵具 混色基準表
Colour mixting chart and colour wheel were included in the set
match basic watercolors mixing chart マッチ 透明水彩絵具 混色の手引き
match basic watercolors on holbein palette マッチ 透明水彩絵具 ホルベイン アルミパレット
Mixing and experimenting colours