Design Process: Fan Tree Woodland Collection

It’s been a while since I created a new surface pattern design. I had no confidence in designing in collections, so I always made excuses and procrastinated designing one. I know I didn’t have to design in collections, but I wanted to be able to design in collections :)

So today, I share a part of the design process of my first mini collection and how it developed from a doodle :)

Fan tree doodle
It started from this doodling (Nothing to do with “Pebbles”)
the first digital rough sketch of design idea
Created a rough layout on Adobe Illustrator. Also, tested some colour variations.
Then I made this layout in Photoshop
Some texture was added
Added different textures

I wanted to add a variety of textures to give the design some depth and movement.

initial ideas for the design
Layout experiment with block printing

I did a bunch of layout experiments using block printing technique. It’s so fun and always rewarding. I usually find an unexpected composition by trying it in a different way I wouldn’t normally try on PC.

making paper cutouts for fan tree design
Messy desk with paper cutouts
building texture parts for pattern design
Making filler elements possibly used as the background of a design

I created sets of handmade marks for filling the background of a design. I used brushes and pencils. Then I scanned them into PC and made patterns and custom brushes out of them. Although I didn’t use most of them.

Fan Tree Woodland “Mini” collection

After I tried a lot of different colour variations, I picked up this colourway and I’m so happy with the result :)