Design Process: Glory Lily and Rabbits

These are the design process of two pattern designs which I entered in Spoonflower’s Design Challenge. Though it’s embarrassing to admit, I made it just in time as always… And I didn’t take enough time on those, which means I’m training my design muscle to look on the good side.

Here’s the first design Glory Lily. The prompt was “Poisonous Plants“. I researched on the internet and found this flower which I hadn’t known, but looked gorgeous to design as a floral pattern.

Roufh sketches of glory lilies
Rough idea and sketches

design motifs to make glory lily pattern
Makind motifs in watercolour

And this is the final design. It’s a simple, bold, monochromatic silhouette design so I decided to lay a linen-like texture to add some depth to it. I liked the colour because it enhances the effect of the texture well.

pattern design Glory Lily
Finished design Gloly Lily

The second design is Rabbit Celebration. The Spoonflower’s prompt was Year of the Rabbit. It’s about Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year and this year, it is rabbit. So at the early stage of designing, I was thinking to feature Chinese celebrations. But soon I realised I didn’t have enough time to draw all the ornaments and motifs I wanted to express the joy of celebration.

Then it made me back to my basics; when I don’t have time or am stuck for ideas, make only one motif and repeat it. This approach encourages me to stop thinking and start making. And once I start to make, it usually leads to some other ideas. I know it always works for me.

idea sketches for a rabbit design
My rough sketches in the early stage

my desk during designing
Trying different textures for drawing

And this is the final design Rabbit Celebration. Multi-coloured rabbits running over fireworks and ornaments. Again, I used a linen texture.

pattern design with rabbits running over fireworks and ornaments
Rabbit Celebration

As I mentioned above, I have a rule when I have trouble designing and there’s another one. I have a colour palette to rely on. It’s a collection of my favourite palettes from mainly Mid-Century Modern designs. This palette makes me choose colours so quickly without thinking and trying tons of colour schemes.

Anyway, I’m glad to have made it just in time once again…