New Products Now on Sale

I worked with a Japanese mail-order company last summer and the product is finally on sale. It's perfect for a snooze as the weather is getting milder in the Northern hemisph…

iPhone Cases

Around the end of last year, I received those iPhone cases carrying my pattern designs. I am very happy with the way they turned out and love those little extras – each set consis…

Pattern Crazy

I have been (still) working on some digitally manipulated patterns and I'll try to upload more designs here. You can also check my portfolio and Flickr.

New and Old Designs

I've been working on my portfolio recently and you can see some of my surface designs here. I'd like to add more stuff to it and print some of the designs, that'll …

I Know, I Cannot Avoid This

This is my messy table as usual, working on some old pattern and trying to figure out how the half-step repeating works... it's really confusing to me sometimes...!

Full of Roses

These are not perfectly manipulated and/or repeated patterns but I like the bold design :)

Being Playful

I haven't done much digitally manipulated patterns but here's one.