Burda Style Magazine


Yesterday I received a copy of Burda Style magazine 2010 March issue, which featured kalla Design along with other two textile designers.
They used a photo of my studio on the first page for this feature and it doesn’t look bad at all ! :)

Well, the only problem for me is that it’s German edition, so I cannot really understand what the article says but I’ll try to translate it somehow later…

And I was so surprised to find myself next to the Marimekko designer Maija Louekari…!

Special thanks to Talea and Ulinka of Burda Style!


  1. knap says:

    Congrats! Continue making beautiful work!!

  2. Hitomi says:

    Thank you, knap-san!
    Will be looking forward to seeing your amazing works, too :)

  3. Thrissle says:

    I will look for the magazine in English to see if you are there.. well done and well-deserved – your work is beautiful :)

  4. emmi says:

    You have such a wonderful work. <3

  5. Hitomi says:

    Oh, yes please! I wonder the article is in US version of Burda Style :)

    Thank you both, I will try harder to make more beautiful things…!

  6. that's amazing, hitomi! many congrats!!!!

  7. Hitomi says:

    Thank you, Meredith!!

  8. Jacqui Dodds says:

    Congratulations on getting your work in the Burda magazine. The photo shoot looks great!

  9. Hitomi says:

    Thank you, Jacqui!
    It really took me ages to get some good shots, you see… :)