Toy Loom


This is a toy loom I got last year, original version of this loom is made in the UK and it was called "Masterweaver". It has a very clever system and you can weave a lot…

New Products Now on Sale


I worked with a Japanese mail-order company last summer and the product is finally on sale. It's perfect for a snooze as the weather is getting milder in the Northern hemisph…

Need To Start Spinning?


Look what I've got here - a spinning wheel! I've been interested in starting weaving and spinning recently and just happened to find that we had this spinning wheel in o…

Playing with My Toy


This is a sample fabric woven by me with a toy loom. Not too bad for my very first weaving project? :)

Like Woven With Colour Paper

Pattern Design

I made the below colour mixture using those five colours. I put the sheet on the wall and stood at a distance. Then I found it interesting because all colours mixed in a nice way …

Experiment for Surface Pattern Design

Pattern Design

この記事を日本語で読む I've experimented with new pattern designs. My desk is pretty messy as always, but this means I'm enjoying the creative process and entirely focused ;) I lik…