How to Make Yarn Wrappings for Woven Fabric Designing

When I weave or knit, the first thing I do is to make yarn wrappings. Because I love this process I usually forget about...

Knitting on knitting machine

I've been knitting mainly beanie hats recently and feel I'm getting good at it :) Learning to machine knit is such a slo...

Colourway experiment and yarn wrap

I've been looking for nice colourways and thought, I could spend a whole day doing this. And I also tried knitting usin...

New yarn and new colour

Last week I received a box full of colourful yarn to be added to my colour palette and for my experiment of new colourwa...

New collection – knitted cushion covers

A new collection of knitted and printed cushion covers is available from my Etsy shop.

Running out of patience again

I'm not a knitter really, it's sometimes tempting to knit something colourful but I've never completed a piece. But ...