My Colours

I just happened to find one of my favourite colour combination :)


I am delighted to announce that now "Volksfaden" stocks kalla's fabric! The Mari fabric available on this popular on-line fabric store was printed in Indea on 100% …


New products from YOKOMONO STUDIO are on sale and the California based desiger/crafter used kalla's "Tatami" fabric for her new line! I just admire the way she uses…

Playing with Colours

I just don't like throwing away those fabric remnants... so today I decided to make another cushion cover out of remnants of making cushion covers... Cutting the fabrics and …

Happy Time

One of the best moments of my work, to me, is rolling up fabrics which are newly designed, printed and ironed!

Re-Design Classic Pattern

I have always wanted to print a simple "stripe" pattern but repeating a long line with seamless joints is technically very difficult (for me, at least). And I also wante…

Printing Fresh

I printed a new colour to make a cushion cover. I have chosen this strong pink to cheer myself up on this cold day with grey sky.