Running out of patience again

Colourful Yarns

I’m not a knitter really, it’s sometimes tempting to knit something colourful but I’ve never completed a piece. But today I decided to do an experiment with various yarns.

Knitted StripesKnitting Stripes

French Bulldog

And here’s my dog who doesn’t look very happy today or just sleepy.

French Bulldog


  1. oooh! i love the colors! i’m teaching myself how to knit too! :) i have yet to post the pictures of my tiny squares that i’m practicing. hee hee hee. i actually find that i really enjoy knitting. it is like meditation! :)

    your dog is so cute!

    1. What a coincidence! :) I agree with you when you say knitting is like meditation, when I knit I feel detached from everyday trivia :)

    1. Hi Meredith!

      Since the dogs are always with me, I decided to include them to make the blog look a bit more friendly :) I will start making stuff again soon so maybe you could see more pics of my dogs too ;)

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