Go into details


The other day, I got a roll of bleached cotton cloth so decided to make some tea towels with it. I sewed the both ends with decorative stitches and trimmed away the edges. All the…

New year gift from Seoul


Yesterday I received an international parcel from Plus X - a leading design studio based in Seoul, Korea. Apart from brand designing they produce mobile accessories like iPhone ca…

This is what’s in my head

Pattern Design

I almost always carry this little note pad with me and I write down ideas, thoughts, doodles, quotes, to-dos, shopping list, anything that come up to my mind. I even take it when …

New home textiles


New home textile products are now on sale from Belle Maison. I designed "animal themed" patterns for the first time...!

Knitting on knitting machine


I've been knitting mainly beanie hats recently and feel I'm getting good at it :) Learning to machine knit is such a slow process and I need a lot of patience but finish…

Colourway experiment and yarn wrap


I've been looking for nice colourways and thought, I could spend a whole day doing this. And I also tried knitting using one of those colour combinations but it ended up a di…

New yarn and new colour


Last week I received a box full of colourful yarn to be added to my colour palette and for my experiment of new colourways. It's so exciting to have a variety of colours and …

Textiles Craft Show


http://textilefabrics.jp/ I'll participate in a textiles craft show in Machida, Tokyo this weekend. I'll be there not as an exhibitor  but speaking about my wor…

New iPhone 5 Cases


Photos by LAB. C for +D Project New cases for iPhone 5 are now on sale and they are available from selected retailers.

Old Wool Winder


I'd been looking for a wool winder and have finally found one I really like. It's an old/used Silver Reed Jumbo Winder and I like the size and colour. I find winding yar…


Pattern Design

This is a new pattern design named “DOTS RIVER” which is consisted of many hand-drawn dots.

Running out of patience again


I'm not a knitter really, it's sometimes tempting to knit something colourful but I've never completed a piece. But today I decided to do an experiment with various…