1. Con così bassa rizuoosilne potrebbe essere di tutto… se non è acqua in primo piano, potrebbe essere un antenna parabolica sostenuta da cavi o tiranti che a quella risoluzione non si vedono…

      2. It’s easy to shift the burden of rehab on the legalized drug industry itself – just some common sense taxes and/or fees, a percentage of which goes to rehab and education. “Kids, if you get STONED and drive a car, you’ll get in the same amount of trouble as if get DRUNK and drive a car…”

      3. Les acheteurs imposent leurs idées et leurs moeurs aux artistes, même inconsciemment, même imperceptiblement : on ne peut pas vraiment l’empêcher. Le système ne peut pas s’arrêter aux portes de l’art : c’est un leurre.

      4. Hei og takk for turen.Det blir nok ikke Mallorca på oss i år. men tilbake kommer vi.Hilsen en som stammer fra Aukratangen "StoreRasmus" eller hvor det nå egentlig var fra på den øya jeg aldri har besøkt. Kanskje blir det din neste beskrivelse av en tur

  1. to be the wodl3&#r9;s leading channel now, more so than the BBC even.Also, you said tell a lie and it can be believed. I disagree too. Al Jazeera doesn't tell lies. Propoganda yes, but not lies. The lies in the US media is what makes Americans turn to other media like Europe. Heck, even Al Jazeera is now popular in the US.If you're saying Goebbels style propoganda will work in this internet and global age, well you're wrong. It won't. And that is why we're losing the war and media battle in the US.

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