Knitting on knitting machine

I’ve been knitting mainly beanie hats recently and feel I’m getting good at it :) Learning to machine knit is such a slow process and I need a lot of patience but finished products make me so happy.

DSC_1916 DSC_1919


  1. What a great set-up you have here, Hitomi. Is that an 800 series Brother with ribber? What a yarn feed! Sugoi! I am a big fan of knitting machines myself, I have 4, though nothing as professional as this. Nowadays many young women turn their backs on machines. They sew by hand, knit by hand, bake bread by hand etc. etc. I think it is a shame, since the best sewing and knitting machines were always Japanese, and many of them are being sent overseas now. All the best for your wonderful knitted goods.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Yes, it is Brother Palie KH-881 with ribber KR-850 and the colour changer KRC-M1100 feeds 6 colours but I hardly use them all :) I know, it’s a shame that knitting machine is not popular in Japan any more and when I started teaching myself how to machine knit I had to visit websites in America to gather all the information. I simply love the professional look of machine knitted items. Anyway, it was really good to know that you own 4 (!) knitting machines! :)

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