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  1. Astora ca noi care asteptam de ceva timp ca Bond sa redevina Bond? Sau care de ceva timp asteptam (inainte de Casino Royale) ca filmele cu el sa treaca peste faza clestisiica si stupida? Good for us then.Da, probabil ca si-a pierdut o parte din asa-zisul rafinament (care era oricum mult exagerat, artificial si fara nici legatura cu personajul initial), dar a capatat coaie si Casino Royale a fost cu mult peste orice Bond anterior.

  2. I actually met Sponge.Tim Eyster came to my school’s two week freshmen orientation in the summer of 2004 after he lost his job as a flight attendant when the airline folded.I told him he was the first positive influence of being a nerd.It’s true.

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