Keeping My Hands Busy


I’ve been enjoying some experiment of colours and different surfaces. I’m using bits and pieces of magazine cut-outs, used gift wraps/bags, fabric scraps and so on.
It’s usually a real mess at first but hopefully I find some nice combinations along the way…


  1. vermiljoen より:

    looking gooooood! x

  2. Hitomi より:

    Thank you Lien! Hope you are well!! :)

  3. nat fowler より:

    like this experimentation with colour, surface and texture. its so easy to start designs half way through and miss all the fun stuff at the beginning!

  4. Hitomi より:

    Exactly! I just need this more often :)

  5. designcrafty より:

    Just beautiful! It's so good to experiment and loosen up to keep creative. I just found your blog – your prints are so LOVELY!

  6. Hitomi Kimura より:

    Thanks for your comment! It was really nice to find your blog too and congratulations for the Print & Pattern feature!!