1. Hello Hitomi!!!!!!

    I hope you and your family are doing well despite the current hot weather! How is your little nephew doing? :)

    Reds are soo difficult to mix perfectly, especially if you have a picky customer. I think that's why I don't bother doing custom orders anymore – I've decided to stop making tea towels since they are so time consuming and aren't my top selling products. I will miss it, but it gives me more time to do other things (like play with the bunnies!)

    I love how your two furbabies are sitting so comfortably in their bed!! They surely make the perfect company while you are working in your studio :)

    I miss you and wish you all the best as always for Kalla!!

    hope to see you soon in the future :)


  2. Hello Meredith!

    My nephew seems to be fine, growing and now smiling etc., but I heard he has a long back :) He will be coming here next week so I can't wait!

    As for your towels, I miss your creative talent, as I really liked those tea towel deigns! But at the same time I understand how time consuming it could be especially when you have another job, and Etsy is so crowd with inexpensive options…

    Anyway, I hope your bunnies are doing fine :)
    I miss you too!!
    Hitomi xxx

  3. Dear Hitomi,

    I really like your design and pattern, and love to follow you on your blog !
    I am trying myself to make a small silkscreen for a pillow for my child's room, and I would like to know how I can fix the color on the cloth ? Because if I need to wash it, is it going to go away ?
    Do you put your fabric in a kind of product before to make the printing ? Or after ?

    THanks a lot for your help !
    A mother in Switzerland :-) Emilie

  4. Hi Emilie,

    First of all, thank you so much for visiting and following my blog! I actually need to let you know that I moved my blog site recently and now you can read the latest posts here;

    Basically, my process of printing fabric is:
    1. Purchase base cloth which had no process like starching
    2. Use water based ink for fabric printing
    3. Heat set the printed fabric by ironing both sides

    This method will keep my print pretty durable, although I admit this water based ink I use is not as durable as chemical based ink which I used once a long time ago and stopped using it because it irritated my eyes!

    So my answer to your question here is that fixing method mainly depends on what type/make of your colour ink.

    Good luck on your printing project and if you have any other questions, just ask me and I'm happy to help with things I know.


  5. Hello Hitomi,

    Thank you for your so prompt reply, and sorry for my so late ! I was in holiday ! Your advises helped me a lot ! I changed the cloth I used, it was a bit starching !

    Many thanks and I continue to follow your work, which I love !


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