1. wow, I just find your shop on Etsy and I am so impressed with your works! Is your shop is only on Etsy? I just ordered my first sewing machine yesterday to make clothes, so I am not familiar with fabric. but I really want to use your fabrics. Is it possible to use your works to make tops or skirts? Or is it better to make home deco? oh, I am already one of fan now.

  2. Yuko san!
    It already feels like long time no see :)
    That notebook is cool, ne? I love Muji stationary section :)

    I've been surviving this summer (actually not yet to come!) so far.
    I can imagine you are melting down but you should be busy with a big project or two? ;)

  3. I am very empressd your post and you good working in this website but I am very happy because after reading your infoemation , and tips for textile.you now I
    look your post helpful your textile designing for me .thank you for the good sharing all the world peoples .

  4. MUJI!!!! I LOVE MUJI and so glad I discovered it while traveling in Europe of all places!! (I am wearing a muji linen blouse right now) I'm amazed how organized your "doodle" are – my sketchbook is so messy and full of random drawings. It's so nice to know you are so neat :D HUGS!!!!

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