1. It should work quite well. At college we used a hairdryer to dry the emulsion and this was good as you can direct the air to certain areas of the emulsion that are taking longer to dry. At the printmaking studio where I print now we use small heaters and a small drying cupboard which are also effective.
    All these are also good to dry your screen after it has been washed.

  2. Hi Angie!
    Yes, it is a dryer the orange bit should work as a timer. It was originally used for drying clothes with the rack (pictured with the dryer) but I had to get rid of it because the space above the dryer was not enough for it. Trial and error, you see… :)

  3. Hi Jacqui,

    Thank you so much for sharing how you are doing it :)

    I preferably place the screen flat to dry, not leaning on the wall.
    Maybe I should ask my dad to make a shelf on top of the dryer but for now I'll see how it works as it is :)

  4. Great! I want one of those too…I get impatient waiting for the emulsion to dry too. Just found your blog through Patapri and you things look excellent :)

  5. Thanks for your comment! It's nice when I can share the same feelings :) I am currently renovating my studio so look forward to the "before – after" photo next time :)

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