Rubber Stamps and Floral Design


I've designed two floral patterns using the rubber stamping technique. It was just another experiment, but I made some little envelopes with those designs, and it was fun. Co…

Block Printing Illustration


I made a block printing sample. The image is taken from an old picture I took. The size of the wood block was too small (postcard size) so I couldn't carve the details...!

Embroidered Covered Buttons


It's been a while since I started embroidery and here are some pictures of work in progress and finished work. Cross stitching is fun and making patterns with the technique h…

Block Printing and New Pattern Design


I've been designing new patterns for my shop on Spoonflower and I'm trying a new approach to create patterns - it's making rubber stamps. It's a very analogue …

Studio Visit: Screenprinter PataPri


I visited my friend and textile/printing artist "PataPri". Her studio is by the sea in Akiya, Yokosuka, Japan, and you could get all the great ocean view from the room s…

Sample Weave: Plain Weave Checks


Here's my sample weaving project with rigid heddle loom. I tried to do things systematically and first thing I did was selecting yarns and made several yarn wrappings to find…

Go into details


The other day, I got a roll of bleached cotton cloth so decided to make some tea towels with it. I sewed the both ends with decorative stitches and trimmed away the edges. All the…

Knitting on knitting machine


I've been knitting mainly beanie hats recently and feel I'm getting good at it :) Learning to machine knit is such a slow process and I need a lot of patience but finish…

Colourway experiment and yarn wrap


I've been looking for nice colourways and thought, I could spend a whole day doing this. And I also tried knitting using one of those colour combinations but it ended up a di…

New yarn and new colour


Last week I received a box full of colourful yarn to be added to my colour palette and for my experiment of new colourways. It's so exciting to have a variety of colours and …

Toy Loom


This is a toy loom I got last year, original version of this loom is made in the UK and it was called "Masterweaver". It has a very clever system and you can weave a lot…

Playing with My Toy


This is a sample fabric woven by me with a toy loom. Not too bad for my very first weaving project? :)