Mini Granny Bag


I made this simple small granny bag as sample but the details should be changed and/or redesigned.

Printing Fresh


I printed a new colour to make a cushion cover. I have chosen this strong pink to cheer myself up on this cold day with grey sky.

Photo Emulsion Problem


I have found many pinholes on the screen - (so I've been filling the countless holes with photo emulsion) - and did a lot of tests to find out why... probably the quality of …

Colour Management


I have been struggling how to organise my ink & colour system, trying to make it easier to prepare exactly the same colour.

Good Old Sewing Machine


This is how my computer/sewing room looks at the moment. I got the yellow sewing machine last year but it was not as powerful as I thought, and then... found this nice and heavy e…

New Design Coming Soon


I was preparing the positive film for my new design - struggling to finish all the details and my eyes hurt...!



New York based bag designer oktak made these amazing bag and gamaguchi-pouch with kall fabric! :) Loads of other cute products are available on her own website and also her etsy s…

A Peek at the Scene


It's not in this picture but I got a large white borad the other day to cover up all the mess behind when I take photos of my products.



New tote bags again, they were re-sized. The one on top is available from my Etsy shop now.

kalla on domino website


Another Etsy seller "Patapri" kindly sent me this link to domino on-line magazine where my fabric was introduced by decor8 blogger Holly Becker !