Sample Weave: Plain Weave Checks

Here's my sample weaving project with rigid heddle loom. I tried to do things systematically and first thing I did was s...

New Publication for Crafters

Earlier this year, I received a copy of this book “The Crafter's Guide to Patterns”. It's written by Jessica Swift, a t...

Flags of Creativity

I was so pleased by this picture one of my customer sent me!! As I always said or thought, I am impressed by how peo...

SHIN SHIN – From Her Honest Heart

The other day I found a beautiful blog which is written by one of the followers of this blog. It's called SHIN ...

A Perfect Match

© Elizabeth Tritsch / Photos by Marianne Wille I was so excited when I received those pictures of cushions with my ...

Kate Schutz The Talented Painter & Illustrator

One of my customers Kate Schutz showed me these pictures of her renovated bedroom on her blog. The gifted artis...

I’m in Love

The other day I found those exquisite pieces of jewellery, made by a Japanese jewellery designer Keiko Okamoto. ...

Over The Pacific Ocean

The other day, I sold this journal and another one to someone in California and she let me know what she got those not...

Beautiful Shoes

A pair of shoes made in Vietnam.

Something Traditional

From hallway carpet in a hotel in Tokyo.

Small Pot Of Strings

I just can't waste anything.

Just Some Used Bottles

I have just started to collect glass bottles. And I collected four so far. They might appear in my textile design some...