1. claire より:

    Very pretty! And so neat! Looks like fun! I want one of these toys too! (*o*)/

  2. {gemmifer} より:

    It looks wonderful! I love the colors and pattern you chose. I look forward to seeing what loom you used, too!

  3. shannon より:

    oh this is GREAT! i t looks like so much fun too! yes, i’d love to see pics of you using the “toy” loom the next time you use it! :)

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  4. Hitomi より:

    I will show you the toy loom when I warp it for my next sample fabric! :)

  5. Lynn Kimber より:

    Your talents are endless, Hitomi! Lynn

    • Hollie より:

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    • You look amazing in your long side braid and that dress is perfection, the upper part is fabulous!You remind me a bit of Rapunzel, cought in her tower, posing on the stairs, a real princess!I love every single picture on your wall, I'd love to start a similar collection, but the big eyed art pieces are quite rare here and pricy!The illustration on the soap box is adorable, great colors, I must try to draw it!Very beautiful presents, I'd love to have the red dress on the patterns and Cindy sox are lovely!Lots of lovexxxxxxx

    • http://www./ より:

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  6. Hitomi より:

    What motivates me always is the colour and pattern, so I’d love to keep sharing my creation on this blog :) Thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts, too!

    • Melvina より:

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