Lemon And Ash

I started colouring the circle pattern but don’t really like the colourway…

Cutting out and getting rid of the colour I don’t want in it.

Stuck pieces of yellow paper underneath.

I used several different shades of yellow and grey instead.

– and the mess!


  1. Jennifer より:

    I love seeing your process… and am incredibly impressed by your patience and steady hand in removing the color you disliked!

  2. Hitomi Kimura より:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Patience – is actually a quality I'm trying to have :) Thank you for enjoying my process, I will have a lot more to share :)

  3. Claire Ishino より:

    It's beautiful! I love seeing the process too and all those lovely tiny pieces of paper cut out! I have a grey and yellow obsession at the moment so I totally agree with your choice to remove the reddish parts! It was my first thought before I saw the rest of your photos!!! (*o*)/ claire

  4. Hitomi Kimura より:

    Claire san, what a coincidence! :) Grey and yellow is a good and popular combination, I also found it pretty refreshing, too :)

  5. PixelJAM より:

    I do admire you for doing this process all by hand – wonderful results!

  6. Hitomi Kimura より:

    Thank you! :)